With No NFL Offers, Will Michael Sam Sign With CFL Montreal Alouettes Or With WWE?

After finding out that the St. Louis Rams released Michael Sam, there remained at least a glimmer of hope that he would either be claimed off of waivers and sign with a new NFL team or remain with the Rams as a member of the organization’s practice squad. Unfortunately, neither happened, and Sam is currently without an NFL offer with the season just two days away from kicking off on Thursday night. This does not mean that Sam will not sign with a different NFL team at some point this season, but it is extremely unlikely that he will be on any 53-man roster to begin the 2014 season. Yet, while he currently has no offers from the league in¬†which he longs to play, Sam does have a couple of offers from other professional franchises.

Of course, Sam should avoid the temptation to accept either one.

With history on the line, Sam may very well be the first openly gay player to ever see a snap in a regular season game. He did not make the Rams’ roster, but he did make a few eye-opening plays during his stint in the preseason with St. Louis. Maybe he can play in the NFL. Maybe not. I am not a scout or personnel evaluator, so I truly don’t have the answer. But, if Sam just wishes to play professional football in 2014, he has a standing offer from the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. The Alouettes are the CFL team that owns Sam’s rights if he chooses to play in Canada. They have reportedly reached out to Sam, although he has yet to get back to them.

Of course, if Sam does not care about playing football, but rather remaining in the news, he could join a league of an entirely different kind. It is not a football league. It is technically still a professional sports league, although many may wish to debate its merits.

It is World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE to its hardcore fans.

According to John Breech of CBS Sports, Sam has an offer to appear at WWE Monday Night Raw on September 8 in Baltimore. On last night’s episode of Raw, WWE offered Sam an “open microphone” to tell his side of the story, whatever that means. Maybe they are referring to the ESPN Josina Anderson shower story. Maybe they are talking about something else. I don’t know. Chances are, it is all about ratings for WWE and little to do with allowing Sam to get anything off of his chest.

Personally, I hope that Sam declines both of these offers. I would still like to see him play in the NFL. Truthfully, I hope that he does so well that a player’s sexuality becomes of little concern. It would be nice to see it become a non-story in the future. It shouldn’t matter what a player’s sexual preference is, but rather simply whether or not they are good enough to play professionally.

So, to Mr. Sam, just say no to joining Chad Johnson in Montreal. Say no to appearing on WWE programming and getting jumped by the Wyatt Family or Brock Lesnar and having John Cena save you. Stick to what you said is your ultimate dream of playing in the NFL. You were close once. You can get even closer again.

To steal a line from Cena, Never Give Up!


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