NFL Rumors: Could Buffalo Bills Trade C.J. Spiller To Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers Or New England Patriots?

The 2014 NFL trade deadline is less than two weeks away and, although very few deals ever get consummated in this league, that will never prevent people from throwing out a few candidates who could benefit from a change of scenery. In fact, the one player who hears his name perhaps more than any other is Buffalo Bills running back, C.J. Spiller. It has been more due to Spiller being injury prone and underused, but a lack of performance can also be tossed in the discussion. With that being said, Spiller is just 28-years-old and in the final year of his contract. If the Bills are not looking to extend the contract of their former No. 1 pick past this season, then why not look to deal him? With the October 28 trade deadline rapidly approaching, could the Bills trade Spiller to the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers or New England Patriots?

All three of the aforementioned teams may feel as if they are all set in their offensive backfield, although all of them could use a bit of a boost due to recent injuries. The Broncos are without Montee Ball for a few more games, while the Panthers are always watching Deangelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart limp or hobble off of the field. Finally, the Patriots just found out that Stevan Ridley is lost for the season.

Granted, the Broncos appear comfortable going with Ronnie Hillman, Juwan Thompson and C.J. Anderson. The Panthers are trying to use any healthy back on their roster, while the Pats will shift toward using more of Branden Bolden and James White to go along with Shane Vereen.

Yet, while all three may be content going with in-house options, all three are struggling on the ground this season.

The Patriots are doing the best, ranking No. 18 in the NFL in 2014 in rushing yards per game. Tom Brady is still the leader of this team, although many within the organization feel more comfortable establishing a strong ground game than having Brady air it out 50-60 times per game. We know that Cam Newton is still the most dangerous runner in Carolina, while Peyton Manning can make it work with almost anybody beside or behind him in Denver. Still, the Broncos are the No. 26 team in rushing yards per game, while the Panthers are No. 28.

None of these teams would have to give up much to acquire Spiller. The Bills are extremely optimistic – and with good cause – about this year’s No. 1 pick from the Clemson Tigers in Sammy Watkins. But, with Spiller set to become a free agent, the Bills should look to trade him to a team who may at least know how to properly utilize him


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