Will NFL Postpone Buffalo Bills Vs. New York Jets Game Due To Record Amount Of Snow?

The Buffalo Bills and their fans are used to snow. Lots of snow. Record setting amounts of snow. They just aren’t used to seeing so much of it fall over a week before Thanksgiving, causing uncertainty for the team’s upcoming game. As of now, despite the fact that 4-6 feet of snow have already blanketed the area, and with another 2-3 feet of snow expected to fall on Thursday, the Bills’ Week 12 game vs. the New York Jets is still scheduled to take place on Sunday with a 1 p.m. kickoff. Although, while that may still be the plan, the NFL may have to consider postponing or even moving this AFC East matchup between the Bills and Jets.

Of course, it may not be as easy as some may think.

Unfortunately, at least for the Bills, the decision as to whether or not to postpone the day of the game of change the location belongs to the NFL and not the team. The team has been unable to practice, which is obviously already a disadvantage. Between the current weather, the predicted upcoming forecast and the driving ban, it stands to reason that the NFL may delay or move the game due to safety alone.

But, if they do, what are the options?

The Bills will not want to give up a home game, especially since they are still hanging on to slim playoff hopes. A loss to the Jets would be catastrophic, meaning the Bills will need every advantage possible to make sure that they take care of business.

That would lead to possibly moving the game to Monday or even maybe Tuesday. That would ensure that the Bills would still be able to play in front of their home fans and receive some crowd support. Plus, the NFL could not logistically move the game to MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets, on Sunday, as the New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

Either way, the NFL has until Friday to inform the Bills and Jets or any possible changes.


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