Boston Celtics 2015 Season Recap

Boston Celtics

It has been over 20 games in the 2014-15 season, and while still a bit early to make any accurate predictions, some teams are dominating the NBA headlines. In one hand, the Golden State Warriors are dominating the league with 21 wins and only two losses. In the other hand, the Philadelphia 76ers are just inches from setting a record for the worst start in NBA history with 2 wins and 21 losses.

But what about the Boston Celtics? The Celtics are currently 7 – 13 and one game out of the 8th seed in the ultra competitive Eastern Conference. There are many factors the team needs to improve in the coming weeks, but there are also positive things after twenty-one games played. Let’s review and identify some specific things that are good and bad about this team.  So feel  free to disagree and debate.

The Good:

At 19.6 points per game Jeff Green is playing the best season of his career, however, he is thriving in the role of being the best scorer without having to be the best player on the team.  In Friday’s loss to the New York Knicks,  Green’s 28 points proved him to be a viable opponent in their battle, but the Celtics’ interior defense hardly made an appearance all night, losing to the Knicks at home 101-95.

20- year old rookie Marcus Smart is still adapting to the NBA and has had to sit for ten games thus far with a bad ankle, but so far he has shown some amazing flashes.  His defense is as good as advertised and the sight of him stripping opponent ball handlers and streaking up the court is becoming a common occurrence, however, he’s still dealing with a sensible injury that has kept him from delivering his full potential. I think that Celtic fans will be amazed once he’s fully recovered and that he will quickly become a leader.

The Bad:

When Rajon Rondo is “off” the whole team looks out of synch. Rondo’s effectivity, specially the free throws are a problem, not counting the numerous mistakes in the late stages of the game.

Aside from Rondo,  there are issues with consistency from every player on the roster – again, with the surprising exception of Jeff Green.

Another concerning issue is the 4th quarter. For whatever reason the team can’t seem to find that same energy level and execution when they are up or even playing in a close game. The team’s offese weem to work fine in the first 3 quarters of the game but seems to fall apart in the 4th.


We all know that the talent is there, but the experience isn’t. Most of the veterans are expiring contracts and the young players might be used as trade chips in a couple of months. In nutshell, this is a year to rebuild the team.  If they improve their game and end up exceeding expectations, then we’d have a chance to see the Celtics back in the playoff picture. But there are no grand expectations for this team to compete for a title this season.


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