VIDEO: Oregon Ducks Players Troll Florida State QB Jameis Winston With Mock No Means No Seminoles War Chant

Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston is extremely talented. He is a gifted athlete who excels in multiple sports. Not only is Winston a former Heisman Trophy winner, but he is also a star pitcher for the FSU baseball team. When it comes to pure talent, this kid has it all.

But that is not all that Winston has. He also has a sense of entitlement. A ton of arrogance. A feeling that he is above the law. Of course, that may not be the case if some folks around the Tallahassee area would actually hold him to the same law that we should all be held to in life. It is a shame that student-athletes at Florida State often appear to live by a set of different rules than others.

By now, you all know of Winston’s transgressions. We don’t know for a fact how many of them are true. That is the true shame. But, every time this kid speaks, you just like him less. Whether he is a bad guy or not may remain to be seen. We may never know all of the facts,but, at the least, he is immoral and unethical.

Again, this may come from him being spoiled and entitled and coddled. I don’t know.

Last night, after a dominant performance by the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl over Winston and the ‘Noles, a few players from the winning team decided to troll the FSU QB with a mock chant that echoed the Seminoles war chant. The thing is, they decided to adlib some words into it.

Those words? No means no.

Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich has already said that the players will be disciplined internally. I just hope that it doesn’t lead to a suspension. Was it right what they did? People will have various opinions. I, for one, am just grateful that somebody finally stood up and told Winston that no does indeed mean no. In case you may have missed it, check it out for yourself:

Maybe the Ducks had decided that they were going to do this if they won. Maybe they really decided to do this after the majority of the Seminoles showed no class and left the field without shaking hands with Oregon. I will note that Winston was actually one of the few players from the losing team who did remain on the field and graciously congratulate many of the winners, including the most recent Heisman winner, Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

Either way, what’s done is done. Just like Florida State.

And hopefully, just like Jameis Winston.

And to all those others who have a difficult time understanding the most simple word in the world.

No means no.



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