Would Dallas Cowboys Sign Mark Ingram If They Cannot Re-Sign DeMarco Murray?

The Dallas Cowboys have a critical decision to make this offseason regarding two of the top NFL free agents on the market. The Cowboys are facing the dilemma of whether they re-sign DeMarco Murray or Dez Bryant. They will likely sign one, but will probably be unable to sign both to extensions. Dallas could look to slap either Murray or Bryant with the franchise tag while working on an extension with the other, but current finances may make that difficult. In all likelihood, the Cowboys will be forced to part ways with one of these Pro-Bowl players. If they sign Bryant, which conventional logical would dictate, Murray will likely cash in with another team. If he does depart for greener pastures, would the Cowboys consider making a run at signing former New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram?

Like Murray, Ingram will also look to cash in as a free agent after putting up his best numbers so far in the NFL. Ingram has said he would love to remain with the Saints, but they may not be what New Orleans is thinking. The Saints still have Khiry Robinson and others lurking behind the line, and we all know that the Saints will always be a pass first, pass second, run if necessary sort of team, as long as Drew Brees is under center. The Saints may see Ingram as expendable, depending on his value on the open market.

If Murray leaves, the Cowboys could view Ingram as a necessity. Dallas does allow Tony Romo to air it out, but the team knows that a balance is critical to the success of the offense. If Romo is forced to sling the ball 40-50 times per contest, things will rarely go well for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys may re-sign Murray. They may not. They may go with Joseph Randle. They may not. Dallas may draft a running back to replace Murray. Or not. The bottom line is that when it comes to the upcoming offseason, the Cowboys will be awfully busy.


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