NBA Trade Deadline 2015: Will Suns Trade Goran Dragic To Celtics, Kings, Rockets, Heat, Lakers Or Knicks?

The 2015 NBA Trade Deadline is just over 24 hours away, meaning that the NBA rumors are swirling around stronger than the snow around the city of Boston this Winter. Anyone who lives in New England knows how strong that has been over the past month, with seemingly no end in sight. There is, however, and end in sight in terms of NBA trades, and that end will come abruptly on Thursday afternoon. We are likely to see a handful of buyouts, but the majority of moves will commence on February 19. Without doubt, the hottest name on the trade market is Phoenix Suns guard, Goran Dragic, with many teams checking in to see what it will take to acquire him, especially after he said that he has no intentions of re-signing with Phoenix after his contract expires at season’s end. It appears likely that Phoenix will look to move one of its best players, but the questions remains, will the Suns trade Dragic to the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks?

Believe it or not, the Celtics have emerged as a strong, darkhorse candidate. Danny AInge and Ryan McDonagh have a strong working relationship as GMs of their respective teams, as the Celtics recently shipped Brandan Wright to the Suns in an earlier deal. The Celtics are not going to the playoffs this season, and have plenty of rebuilding to do in the coming months and years. Acquiring Dragic could be seen as a good move, but one in which the team would only likely make if he would commit to a contract extension. Boston have more than enough draft picks and a few expiring contracts to include in any trade. If a deal for Dragic appears unlikely, look for the Celtics to remain in talks with the Suns and shift their focus to Isaiah Thomas.

Reportedly, if the Suns do indeed honor the request of Dragic to move him at the NBA Trade Deadline, he has made it known that the Heat, Lakers and Knicks are his teams of choice. The Heat are viewed as the only team whom Dragic could help immediately, while the Lakers and Knicks would be looking to make the move for the future.

The Rockets would be another team looking to win now by acquiring Dragic, although it is unknown whether or not their is mutual interest. The same can be said of the Kings, who reportedly are “desperately” trying to land Dragic by Thursday’s deadline.




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