NFL Rumors: Will Ndamukong Suh Sign With Seahawks, Lions, Packers, Raiders Or Browns?

Ndamukong Suh is the class of the defensive free agent crop on the NFL market this offseason, although class is not always the first word that many will use to describe the Detroit Lions defensive force. Many are predicting that Suh may receive a contract with more guaranteed money than that of J.J. Watt with the Houston Texans, and that it would at least appear unlikely that the Lions will be able to afford that sort of amount, given what Detroit already has invested in Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Still, the Lions are saying that they are planning on having Suh back in the fold next season, yet there will be no shortage of free agent suitors for one of the most dominant forces on defense throughout the entire NFL. That list may include the likes of the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns.

Clearly, more than just the aforementioned teams will make a push to sign Suh once the free agent period begins. While not without help, Suh was a large part of the No. 1 rush defense in the league last season with Detroit, as the Lions limited opponents to just 69.3 rushing yards per contest. It is no secret that he would be sorely missed up front for the Lions if the team is unable to sign him.

Rumors are swirling that Suh would be very much interested in returning home to the Pacific northwest, which could land him with the Seattle Seahawks. Obviously a scary thought to every single quarterback and running back not named Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch, Suh would join the ranks of one of the greatest defenses in recent history.

When it comes to signing bad boys, one must never discount that Oakland Raiders, who would reportedly be willing to severely overpay to sign the former product of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Raiders could use help up front, and Suh would immediately become a fan-favorite of the Black Hole Nation.

Speaking of teams that could use help up front, the Cleveland Browns could use a lot of it. The Browns ranked dead last in the league in total run defense in 2014, allowing a whopping 141.6 yards per game on the ground. Cleveland also has a recent penchant for misguided misfits, in which category Suh may fall.

The Green Bay Packers would also greatly benefit from signing Suh, although we do not yet know if there is enough mutual interest. Aside from the Seahawks, Lions, Packers, Raiders and Browns, I could also see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets and a few other teams demonstrating serious interest in signing Suh.


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