Could The Bears Trade Brandon Marshall To Patriots, Colts, Browns, Raiders Or Bills?

It appears as if the Chicago Bears are looking to head in a different direction. It is no secret that the Bears would love to move on from Jay Cutler, as he is due a $10 million guarantee Рfor 2016 Рif he is still on the roster by Wednesday. Expect the Bears to try and move Cutler, but receive with little interest. If he is still on the roster by the end of next week, then they will see zero takers and be forced to either keep him or cut him. Now, it seems as if the Bears may also be facing a similar situation with Brandon Marshall, as the team is said to be shopping the enigmatic receiver as the NFL enters the free agency market early next week. If Chicago is able to generate enough interest, could we see the Bears trade Marshall to the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders or Buffalo Bills?

The Bears are gearing up for a rebuild, and not a championship. If they are going to do it, they may as well do it right and attempt to clear salary space – as well as drama – by dealing away or releasing some high-profile players. Marshall certainly fits the bill.

He may also fit in with the Super Bowl champs. The Pats have not shied away from other players who carried some baggage, often resulting with mixed results. New England would receive no guarantee when it comes to Marshall, but I could see this being a win-win situation for all involved. Tom Brady would get his biggest receiver since the days of Randy Moss, and Marshall would be part of a winning culture.

The Colts have also demonstrated a propensity to pull the trigger on bold moves, which could also include dealing for Marshall. Vontae Davis worked. Trent Richardson did not. The Colts need to upgrade at wide receiver, and Marshall would be an instant improvement. Just think how happy it would make Andrew Luck.

in Cleveland, the receiver position is one that has been lacking, and will only be worse without Josh Gordon for the entire 2015 NFL season. Sure, they still need a quarterback who is actually capable of leading an offense, but adding a playmaker would certainly make that easier.

What about the Raiders? Remember when Oakland went after every single controversial player? Why not channel that one more time and go out and get a new toy for David Carr? It may be worth the risk.

Finally, Rex Ryan just got one of the best running backs in the game in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. With LeSean McCoy in tow, why not consider trading for Marshall? Think about the offense, with McCoy in the backfield and Marshall lining up opposite Sammy Watkins. It may even be enough to mask the deficiencies of E.J. Manuel, Matt Cassel or whatever inefficient quarterback the Bills decide to trot out onto the field for Week 1.

Either way, it would certainly appear that Marshall’s days in Chicago are numbered. The only question that remains will be whether or not the Bears can recoup anything for Marshall shortly after signing him to a lucrative contract extension, or if they will simply have to cut him loose.


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