NFL Rumors: Would Saints Trade Drew Brees to Eagles, Bills, Jets, Bucs Or Bears?

The New Orleans Saints shocked the NFL world when they traded Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks. In a move that received far less attention, yet also carries a big blow, the New Orleans also parted ways with Ben Grubbs and is said to be shopping Kenny Stills. Reportedly, the only two players that the Saints are not actively looking to deal are Drew Brees and Brandin Cooks. But, as we have seen throughout this past week, things can change in the NFL in an instant. After all, if you had said that the Saints would trade Graham to the Seahawks at the beginning of the week, I would have said that you were insane. With that being said, despite what the team has said, would the Saints ever consider trading Brees to the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets or Chicago Bears?

It may not happen any time soon. It may not happen at all. But, people would be ignorant to dismiss the notion entirely.

Look at the names that have either been traded or outright released over the past few days. The Bears traded Brandon Marshall to the Jets. The Houston Texans released Andre Johnson, who signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Earlier, the Colts also signed Frank Gore, who was let go by the San Francisco 49ers. The Eagles traded LeSean McCoy to the Bills, while the Eagles and St. Louis Rams swapped quarterbacks, trading Nick Foles for Sam Bradford.

Still think Brees is untouchable?

Have we seen the last of Drew Brees in New Orleans? Anything is possible, as we have seen in the NFL over the past few days.

Have we seen the last of Drew Brees in New Orleans? Anything is possible, as we have seen in the NFL over the past few days.

The Saints may not trade Brees this offseason. They may not trade him during the 2015 season. Actually, that would be an even bigger shock than their trade of Graham. But, don’t think for a second that this will not at least be considered in 2016, which will be the final year of Brees’s massive contract, at which point he will be 37-years-old. His cap hit in 2015 is $26.4 million, with an increase to $27. 4 million in 2016. If New Orleans is down toward the bottom of the NFC South, for what reason would they pay that amount of money to any quarterback?

The Bills need a quarterback now. So do the Jets. The Eagles may think that they are all set with Bradford, but the rest of the football world knows that he is just one hit away from yet another season-ending injury. The Bears are “moving forward” with Jay Cutler in 2015, but it is not a decision that exactly makes anyone in the Windy City smile with excitement.

Scoff if you want. Call me whatever name you can imagine. Trust me, I’ve head them all. But, raise your hand if you would have ever thought it was possible that the Saints would trade Graham prior to Tuesday. Now, put them down, liars.

This is the NFL. It is a business first, above anything else. Never say never.

Even when it comes to the Saints possibly trading Brees.


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