Will The Vikings Trade Adrian Peterson To The Buccaneers, Cowboys, Cardinals, Falcons, Jaguars Or Chargers?

Adrian Peterson said he would prefer a trade from the Minnesota Vikings, yet the team remains hesitant to simply give away their star running back. Rumors persist that if Peterson is still with the Vikings by the end of the 2015 NFL Draft, then no movement will take place. If the Vikings get the deal they desire, then they will not hesitate to pull the trigger on trading Peterson, but they are making it clear that it will be on their terms. Some reports have surfaced, stating that the Vikings want more than a first-round pick for a 30-year-old back with a massive contract. If a team is willing to meet Minnesota’s asking price, then the team will likely give in to Peterson’s request. So, with less than two weeks before the last pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, could the Vikings decide to trade Peterson to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars or San Diego Chargers?

The Bucs have surfaced as a very good possibility, especially after pictures of Peterson’s agent have been published with him sitting in front of a Vikings’ No. 28 jersey while wearing a Bucs hat. The Bucs are looking for a complete makeover, meaning Peterson could help begin the new makeshift.

Does this picture mean something, or is it nothing more than a bargaining chip sending smoke and mirrors?

Does this picture mean something, or is it nothing more than a bargaining chip sending smoke and mirrors?

The Cowboys have long been rumored to be a potential destination for Peterson, as the Texas native has always said that he would love to one day play for his home-state team. Plus, DeMarco Murray is gone and Jerry Jones is a big fan of the former back from Oklahoma. The problem is that Peterson comes with a high salary, and Dallas is already cash-strapped.

The Cardinals would honestly make the most sense, as they could be very close to competing for a championship if Carson Palmer can stay healthy. With Peterson in the backfield to share carries with Andre Ellington, the Cards could finally sport a decent offense.

Many mention the Falcons as being in the mix, but I just don’t see it. I feel that Atlanta can upgrade its running back problem with a much more affordable option, such as Todd Gurley in the 2015 NFL Draft.

No team could afford Peterson more than the Jaguars, but is it really worth giving up that much and still having to pay him all that money? To me, the answer is no. The Jags are a young team that shows signs of improving, so mortgaging their future on Peterson would be unwise.

Finally, the Chargers are an interesting team right now. Are they trading Philip Rivers? Are they moving up to select Marcus Mariota? Are they moving to Los Angeles? With so many question marks, now would hardly be the time to acquire a player such as Peterson.


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