MLB Rumors: Do Not Expect To See Red Sox Trade David Ortiz To Twins, Indians, Blue Jays, Angels Or Any Team

The words sports and loyalty generally do not mix. It is not like the old Frank Sinatra song, Love and Marriage, where, you can’t have one without the other. These days, there is very little loyalty when it comes to professional sports, its owners or the players. Thankfully, there is still some loyalty when it comes to athletes and their families. That is why we should not expect to see the Boston Red Sox trade David Ortiz any time soon.

Or, at all, thanks to statements made by Big Papi on Thursday.

“No chance,” Ortiz told The Boston Globe on Thursday. “This is the team I’ll be with the rest of my career. I couldn’t do that to my family. I couldn’t just go to another team and fit in after all of these years. I want to be here.”

As much as Ortiz said that he would be flattered to know that another contending team would love to acquire his services, he said that he has absolutely no desire to leave the team he has helped win three World Series championships.

Sorry, Minnesota Twins fans. A reunion is not going to happen. Forget about it, Cleveland Indians enthusiasts. Terry Francona is not going to get an opportunity to manage Ortiz in a different uniform. And, to those contenders looking to add one more piece to their team, such as the Toronto Blue Jays or Los Angeles Angels, you can cross Big Papi’s name off of your wish list.

In case you forgot, Ortiz feels very strongly about the city he loves. That should be rewarded with some loyalty. Despite their struggles on the field, the Red Sox should not even approach Ortiz about asking him to waive his no-trade rights.

Sometimes, it would be nice to see some loyalty go both ways. Ortiz does not want to leave Boston.

Hopefully, Boston does not want Ortiz to leave either.



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