2015 MLB Postseason: Complete Schedule For ALDS And NLDS In 2015 MLB Playoffs

After finding out that the old saying of “Home Sweet Home” does not apply so far in the 2015 MLB Postseason, the full schedule has been released for the rest of the ALDS and NLDS. Major League Baseball has announced the remaining dates and start times for the rest of the divisional series, including a contingency plan for Columbus Day on Monday, depending on how many series are still to be decided. On Friday, the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros will look to steal another game on the road, while the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals will look to even up their series. In the National League, the Chicago Cubs will look to extend the road warrior streak when they travel to take on the St. Louis Cardinals in one of baseball’s biggest rivalries, while the Los Angeles Dodgers will play host to the New York Mets in the late game.

Here is a schedule for the entire 2015 ALDS and NLDS, thanks to MLB.com:

Notes for Oct. 12:
• Jays-Rangers Game 4, if necessary, will be played at 4 p.m. ET if Royals-Astros Game 4 is also necessary. Otherwise, Jays-Rangers Game 4 will be played at 1 p.m. ET.
• Cardinals-Cubs Game 3 will be played at 6 p.m. ET if both the Royals-Astros and Jays-Rangers series are still being played. If one of those series is over, then Cardinals-Cubs will play at 4:30 ET.
• Dodgers-Mets Game 3 will be played at 8:30 p.m. ET if both the Royals-Astros and Jays-Rangers series are still being played. If one of those series is over, then Dodgers-Mets will play at 8 ET.
Thursday, October 8
FINAL ALDS Gm 1 Rangers 5, Blue Jays 3 W: Gallardo, L: Price
FINAL ALDS Gm 1 Astros 5, Royals 2 W: McHugh, L: Ventura
Friday, October 9
12:30 PM ALDS Gm 2 Rangers @ Blue Jays Hamels (13-8) at Stroman (4-0) MLBN / SNET
3:30 PM ALDS Gm 2 Astros @ Royals Kazmir (7-11) at Cueto (11-13) FS1
6:30 PM NLDS Gm 1 Cubs @ Cardinals Lester (11-12) at Lackey (13-10) TBS
9:30 PM NLDS Gm 1 Mets @ Dodgers deGrom (14-8) at Kershaw (16-7) TBS
Saturday, October 10
5:30 PM NLDS Gm 2 Cubs @ Cardinals Hendricks (8-7) at Garcia (10-6) TBS
9:00 PM NLDS Gm 2 Mets @ Dodgers Syndergaard (9-7) at Greinke (19-3) TBS
Sunday, October 11
4:00 PM ALDS Gm 3 Royals @ Astros Volquez (13-9) at Keuchel (20-8) MLBN
8:00 PM ALDS Gm 3 Blue Jays @ Rangers Estrada (13-8) at Perez (3-6) FS1 / SNET
Monday, October 12
1:00 PM ALDS Gm 4* Royals @ Astros TBD at TBD FS1
TBD NLDS Gm 3 Dodgers @ Mets Anderson (10-9) at Harvey (13-8) TBS
TBD NLDS Gm 3 Cardinals @ Cubs Wacha (17-7) at Arrieta (22-6) TBS
TBD ALDS Gm 4* Blue Jays @ Rangers Dickey (11-11) at TBD FS1 / SNET
* if necessary
Tuesday, October 13
4:30 PM NLDS Gm 4* Cardinals @ Cubs Lynn (12-11) at Hammel (10-7) TBS
8:00 PM NLDS Gm 4* Dodgers @ Mets TBD at TBD TBS
* if necessary
Wednesday, October 14
4:00 PM ALDS Gm 5* Rangers @ Blue Jays TBD at TBD FS1 / SNET
8:00 PM ALDS Gm 5* Astros @ Royals TBD at TBD FS1
* if necessary
Thursday, October 15
4:30 PM NLDS Gm 5* Cubs @ Cardinals TBD at TBD TBS
8:00 PM NLDS Gm 5* Mets @ Dodgers TBD at TBD TBS
* if necessary

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