NFL Rumors: Should The Dolphins Trade Ryan Tannehill To The Texans, Browns, Redskins, Rams Or Bears

The Miami Dolphins are a complete and absolute joke. They have been for quite some time now, as team owner Stephen Ross has transformed the once-proud NFL franchise into a circus. Between celebrity owners, locker room drama and terribly designed new uniforms, the Dolphins are in desperate need of an overhaul, starting at the top and trickling all the way down to the bottom. With Joe Philbin no longer serving as head coach and Kevin Coyle finally being relieved of his duties as defensive coordinator, the time for Miami to rebuild is now. Tear it down and start from scratch. In terms of NFL rebuilds, it all starts at the quarterback position. In Miami, that spot currently belongs to Ryan Tannehill. Perhaps, that should change in the not-so-distant future as well.

Tannehill is not the answer for the Dolphins at quarterback. It was a fun experiment, seeing if a wide receiver-turned-quarterback at Texas A&M could make it as a gunslinger at the next level. It was cute. It helped boost the rating for Hard Knocks a few years ago. Well, that may have had more to do with Tannehill’s wife, Lauren, and the drama surrounding Chad Johnson. Still, it made for quality programming.

Now, it is just laughable. The Dolphins are once again a huge disappointment, after many predicted great things from this organization. I, however, was not one of those people. The team has far too many holes, way too much money tied up on overrated players and a coaching staff that appears clueless way too often. It is time for a shake up and, it all begins with trading Tannehill.

Sure, his contract reads as an albatross but, the truth is, the team can get out of the deal fairly cheaply after next season. The Dolphins definitely left themselves room just in case things did not pan out as Miami had hoped with Tannehill under center. It is one of the few smart moves the Dolphins have made over the past decade.

Thankfully for them, the NFL is a quarterback-driven league. While Tannehill may not be the answer for the Dolphins, other teams in dire need of a signal caller may feel that he could be the answer for them. Should the Dolphins decide that trading Tannehill is in their best interest, they should begin by reaching out to the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, St. Louis Rams or Chicago Bears.

The Texans are realizing that Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett are not the long-term solutions the Texans have been seekingĀ for quite some time now. Honestly, I don’t know why they won’t just give Tom Savage a shot. Tannehill could make sense, especially with his college ties to the Aggies. If nothing else, he and his wife could help sell a few more tickets.

Even if Ryan is not the answer, trading for him would also bring Lauren to a new fanbase.

Even if Ryan is not the answer, trading for him would also bring Lauren to a new fanbase.

The Browns, meanwhile, already know that Josh McCown is not going to lead this team going into the future. They also must know that Johnny Manziel is not going to have a very bright future as a starting quarterback either. While the Browns have made as many awful decisions as the Dolphins, maybe the two should get together for a blockbuster trade.

The Redskins will cut Robert Griffin III before they start him at quarterback again and, it appears as if Kirk Cousins may be best suited as a career back-up in the NFL. I don’t know how much of an upgrade Tannehill would be in Washington but, at least he may help shoot some energy into a disappointed fanbase.

In St. Louis, I still believe that the Rams were smart to move Sam Bradford to the Philadelphia Eagles. I just don’t know if acquiring Nick Foles really made them any better. Again, I don’t know if Tannehill would help make them that much better but, I just don’t see them sticking with Foles much longer either.

When it comes to the Bears, Chicago has been dying to move on from the Jay Cutler disaster. They have been unable to move him due to his contract and inconsistent play. Jimmy Claussen is not going to take the reins when the Bears finally do cut ties with Cutler. Matt Forte may be traded over the next couple of weeks and the team is looking at a rebuild. If they could ever acquire Tannehill for the right price, it may not be a bad move.

One move that I did not yet mention, yet would love to see, is the Dolphins trading Tannehill to the New Orleans Saints for Drew Brees. Both teams may move on from their current starting quarterbacks by the end of next season, at the latest. It would finally get Brees to Miami, where he should have been from the start had the team not opted to sign Daunte Culpepper instead. Tannehill would get a fresh start closer to home and both teams could reevaluate their situations after next season. It is an extreme long shot but, certainly one I would love to see take place.


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