Slingbox 500 Review – Watch Live TV (Including NFL) Anywhere – The Power of Cable in your Pocket

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Slingbox500How great would it be if you could carry your own cable box and TV in your pocket… without paying extra or actually carrying anything more than you already do… your smartphone.

I’ve been lucky enough to be hands on with the brand-new Slingbox500 and have been nothing short of impressed.  I’m a sports fan, without a doubt, and also a family man.  These two ideas can be conflicting when it comes to being active with your family and trying to watch everything happening in the NFL on Sunday. This is where the Slingbox500 comes in handy!

Being dragged to some event during the game, with Slingbox500 in your pocket, so it the game!

Playing outside with the wife and kids is great, but it is even better when you can have the game on in your pocket and if you hear something great, you have the ability to rewind just like on your regular TV because you can actually control your own cable box like you’re sitting on the couch!

Having friends over for the game? Throw a tablet somewhere you don’t normally have a TV so you can watch the game (Beer fridge, smoking area outside, on the back of the toilet…)  Slingbox gives you that flexibility.

Let’s also be honest here for a minute. I’m always looking for ways to save money and the Slingbox500 lets me do that too.  I don’t have to pay for mobile access or even an extra cable box and TV for out in my yard, I can use my phone or tablet to watch live TV anywhere, anytime.

I’ve had a Slingbox PRO-HD for almost 5 years and it has been great but this new product hits on all of the wishlist items I wish my original had.

  • The mobile device app has been improved, is now offered for free, and comes with my favorite feature, ChromeCast support.
  • HDMI support (on top of component and composite)
  • Wi-Fi enabled
 Of note, the shape of the box is a little unique so you won’t be able to stack objects on top, I’m not sure if that is by design but you shouldn’t be stacking electronics anyway or they might overheat!

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You get all of this and, it isn’t like some of those other products out there, you only have to pay to buy it, there is no monthly fee!  It’s a one-time cost that pays off in no time, think about if you wanted to buy another TV and cable box to have outside, you’d have to drag it in and out all the time and pay a ton of money.This is also legal, not like some of those other methods I’ve read about to get live TV for “free”.  It’s also, as far as I know, the only way to get live sports on mobile devices.

At this point I know you’ve got to be hooked and begging me to tell you where to get your hands on it. I grabbed mine online at and you can too! Also, if you’re a previous Slingbox owner you may be eligible for a discount if they’re still running the program.

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