MLB Rumors: Could Boston Red Sox Trade For Manny Machado, Mike Moustakas, Todd Frazier, Maikel Franco Or Martin Prado?

Six weeks ago, I wrote about the possibility of the Boston Red Sox going after Todd Frazier and possibly Jose Quintana of the Chicago White Sox. While a move of that magnitude is not outside the realm of possibilities, Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski has recently come out and said that there is “not a need” for his team to look at starting pitching right now, making a trade for Quintana unlikely. Although, despite recent strong play by the likes of Devin Marrero and Tzu-Wei Lin, the Red Sox may certainly entertain the prospect of obtaining a third baseman. With that being the case, and “Wheeling Dealing Dave” being known to shoot for the moon when it comes to making big moves, could the Red Sox trade for Manny Machado, Mike Moustakas, Todd Frazier, Maikel Franco or Martin Prado prior to the 2017 MLB Trade Deadline the end of this month?

It is at least possible.

Well, maybe not Machado. Could the Baltimore Orioles move him? Definitely. It depends if they believe that they can afford him after next season. He will be extremely expensive, and he is having a down year, at least by his standards. Of course, if they were motivated to move him, whether it is this year or next, would they trade him to a divisional rival and have to face him 19 times per year? That part is doubtful.

A month or so ago, I would have said that the odds are great that the Kansas City Royals could trade Moustakas. But now, with the team back in playoff contention, the odds have at least diminished. Still, the Royals have plenty of free agents after this season, and they know that they cannot afford them all, meaning that the right player could be had for the right price. Whether one of those players is Moustakas remains to be seen.

Of the players mentioned above, Frazier remains the likeliest to be dealt before the end of the month. The Chicago White Sox are clearly in rebuilding mode and Frazier could net the team some much-needed prospects. With Frazier, it does not appear a matter of whether or not he will be traded, but rather when and to which team. The Red Sox are clearly interested, but they will have some competition, including from the New York Yankees, which will be music to the ears of the White Sox, as that will cause their asking price to skyrocket.

As for other possibilities, Franco may be unlikely, due to his age, although the Philadelphia Phillies are terrible and their third baseman is having an off year. Prado is highly likely to be moved, as are many other players on the Miami Marlins. Boston could also look to an old friend in Jed Lowrie, as the Oakland Athletics are always mentioned as potential sellers at the Trade Deadline. As for other targets who would cost more, look for names such as Jedd Gyorko of the St. Louis Cardinals or Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays to come up in MLB Trade Rumors, although neither is especially likely to get dealt.

Of course, if the Red Sox had not traded Travis Shaw to the Milwaukee Brewers this past offseason, none of these names would likely be mentioned as potential Boston trade targets right now. The team should have known not to expect anything from Pablo Sandoval, and Shaw is batting .296 with 18 home runs and 61 RBI for the Brew Crew entering play on the final day before the All-Star break.

The trade of Travis Shaw created quite a conundrum for the Red Sox at the hot corner.

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