MLB Rumors: Could the Marlins Trade Giancarlo Stanton to the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Phillies or Cubs?

The MLB Trade Deadline is just over 48 hours away, with many big names rumored to be on the move. The likes of Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish and Justin Verlander seem to come up in MLB trade rumors across every media outlet, yet the biggest name that could still potentially be dealt remains Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. Is it likely that he gets traded by 4pm on July 31? Probably not. But it is certainly fun to think about, considering the Marlins should certainly be sellers amid the talks of their franchise being sold. And while Stanton would probably be a more likely trade candidate at the Winter GM Meetings during the offseason, what if the Marlins were to entertain offers this weekend, and perhaps trade Stanton to the Boston Red Sox? Or the New York Yankees? Think about the bidding war those two rivals would get into, not only to acquire Stanton, but to prevent the other from adding such a potent bat to the middle of their lineup. What about the Los Angeles Dodgers, who clearly have the payroll backing and prospects to pull off such a blockbuster. You also have to mention the Chicago Cubs, who would love nothing better than to compete for back-to-back World Series championships, as well as the Philadelphia Phillies, who seem to be intent on trading for at least one of the Marlins’ star outfielders.

Again, the likelihood of anything happening with Stanton and the Marlins is not great. Could the Red Sox make a move for Stanton to replace the bat left behind following the retirement of David Ortiz? Of course they could. They have the prospects to get a deal done, and may even be willing to absorb more of Stanton’s hefty contract, provided it would not cost them nearly as much in what they would have to part with to acquire him. Boston already saw the Yankees swoop in and acquire Todd Frazier, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle from the Chicago White Sox, when everyone said that it was “inevitable” that at least two of those three players would wind up with the Red Sox. Fans would revolt if the same were to happen with the Marlins sending Stanton to the Yankees while the Red Sox sit back and watch.

Can you imagine standing on the mound and having to face Judge and Stanton back-to-back?

Could you imagine the middle of the Yankees’ lineup for years to come, with Stanton and Aaron Judge hitting 3-4 for the Bronx Bombers? That would be any pitcher’s worst nightmare, especially in the American League East. Talk about scary.

As for the other three aforementioned teams, the Dodgers are always looking to add star power, although they seem more focused on Darvish or another starting pitcher. The Cubs seem to also be focused on arms, although putting Stanton in a lineup that already includes Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo is certainly fun to imagine, unless you are a pitcher or fan from another National League Central team. The Phillies have long been linked to all of the Marlins’ outfielders, although Christian Yelich or even Marcell Ozuna would be a more likely acquisition, when Miami decides to have its firesale.

Either way, while you will undoubtedly hear his name floated about quite often over the next two days, I would think that the odds of the Marlins trading Stanton at the Trade Deadline on Monday remain very low. He is a much better candidate to be moved at the winter meetings. Then again, anything can happen. Stay tuned.


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