Upgrading A Racing Car to Improve Speed and Performance

The goal of a racing car is the maximization of performance. There are several ways of boosting the speed and performance of a racing car. Mostly, increasing the horsepower plays a great role in upgrading a racing car. For ultimate upgrade, handling should also be given high attention.


Most racers know that before starting the engine, the first thing to consider is sorting out the handling. There are various upgrades that assist the racing cars in handling upgraded performance.
Sway bars are just one of the ways to improve the suspension of your racing car. Sway bars join the right and left sides of your car’s suspension and therefore reducing body roll when turning the car. They reduce the cornering load.
A set of springs such as the lowering springs can assist keep the racing truck stable when it hits the road. The springs should not be too firm. Also, the shocks are a necessary upgrade since they damp the motion in your springs.
The tires do not add up so much in handling; however, they can affect the handling. A racing car does not require the correct size and the right grip of tires for great navigation. However, upgrading your tires is a worthy investment upgrading your racing car.
Brakes also play a great role in handling. Every car racer requires a suitable breaking system. Mostly after improving the larger aftermarket wheels and offering a car a boost, upgraded brakes are important. A good breaking system provides the racer the control over the wheels as well as its impact on handling.

How To Increase Horsepower

The best way to upgrade a racing car is by boosting your horsepower. By boosting the horsepower, you improve your car’s performance and speed to the maximum level which can be achieved by the design of your car.

Minimize Weight

The first upgrade to performance is by eliminating unnecessary clutter. The car requires to be light as well as stripped of anything that reduces its performance. Also, you can as well replace the heavy metals parts with the less weight carbon parts such as the hood. The carbon parts help in cooling the racing car and offering an edge to the car.


Free-Flow Air Filter

Each potential of a horsepower requires to be used, and therefore the racing car needs a free-flow air filter. It is an easy upgrade which can be performed by any racer as long as it matches all the specifications of your car model.

                  Free-Flowing Exhaust

You can boost the horsepower by five to ten by replacing your exhaust system with the aftermarket free flowing exhaust. In supercharged cars, the increase is high. This upgrade maximizes the potential of your racing car.



Test Piping

Your test piping system is connected from your racing car’s catalytic converter to the end of your exhaust piping causing an increase in horsepower. It is advisable the racers shop and installs the test piping by themselves to save some cash since they are a bit expensive.

Fuel Economy

As much as the handling and performance are the primary focus, it is important to upgrade the gas mileage. Proper inflation is the best way to reduce fuel consumption; hence, your tires require to be properly inflated and looked at regularly.
Powering on the engine once in a while can also assist in reducing the amount of gas used. When turning up the engine, check the fuel filters and air filter. They determine how much engine is used up from a unit of fuel. Hence, helps in placing the racing car in good condition. Reducing the weight of a racing car is also a good way to reduce the fuel cost.


Upgrading your racing car for great performance in every race including improving speed involves both performance and handling. By using various aftermarket replacements, racers can exhaust the potential of their racing car and acquire an incredible competitive edge.

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