Could Miami Dolphins Sign Colin Kaepernick or Jay Cutler Following Ryan Tannehill Injury News?

Miami Dolphins franchise QB Ryan Tannehill may have just suffered another major injury to his knee, and there is at least the fear that this one could cause him to miss the entire 2017 NFL season. Toward the end of last year, Tannehill was also injured and forced to miss time, and Matt Moore took over as starter. While he was able to lead the Dolphins past the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets to close out the regular season, Miami was obliterated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. If Tannehill is out for the season or even an extended period of time, the postseason-hopeful Dolphins may turn to another player to take snaps from Mike Pouncey this season. With little experience behind Moore on Miami’s depth chart, could the Dolphins sign Colin Kaepernick or Jay Cutler or trade for Brock Osweiler or another quarterback?

While there are quite a few options out there that the Dolphins could choose, there are question marks surrounding many of the potential players involved.

We all know about Kaepernick. We remember 2016. Honestly, what could hurt Kaepernick’s chances of landing in Miami far more from last season’s stance (while, kneel) is his past comments supporting former Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. Much of Miami remains extremely anti-Castro. Just ask Ozzie Guillen.

Could we see Jay Cutler or Colin Kaepernick starting at QB for the Dolphins this season?

The possibility of signing Kaepernick cannot completely be ruled out, but the Dolphins may also reach out to a recently retired quarterback turned NFL broadcaster. No, I am not talking about Tony Romo. The quarterback to whom I am referring is Jay Cutler, who worked with Miami head coach Adam Gase in Chicago when the two were with the Bears. It is at least worth a phone call.

Past Kaepernick and Cutler, the Dolphins could explore signing Robert Griffin III, although his phone has not exactly been ringing off the hook either. If Miami wanted to examine the trade market, the team could check in on players such as Brock Osweiler, Teddy Bridgewater, A.J. MacCarron and E.J. Manuel. I will tell you right now not to get excited about the possibility of a Jimmy Garoppolo trade with the New England Patriots. That one isn’t happening.

Depending on the severity of this latest injury to Tannehill, even though the Dolphins are contractually obligated to him for a few more years, the team could still save a lot of money by cutting him after the upcoming season. If Miami does not believe that Tannehill can be the quarterback they saw in the past, or simply do not feel that he is the long-term answer under center, then there is the chance that we have seen the last of Tannehill in Miami.


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