Kevin Can Wait: Did Season 2 Premiere Do An Injustice To Donna, Disrespect Erinn Hayes?

I wrote months ago how the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait was going to undergo drastic changes ahead of its sophomore season. Erinn Hayes was out after one season of playing Kevin James’s wife, Donna. Leah Remini, James’s former co-star on King of Queens, was going to take on a full-time role after guest-starring on the final two episodes in the first season. I said that I was very interested to see how the show handled the casting changes, and after watching the Season 2 premiere, I guess you could say that I am still interested.

Although, not without being disappointed.

The first episode of the second season was an overall letdown, but mainly because of how the show handled Donna’s death. They basically handled it by glancing over it, nearly entirely, without nearly any explanation. We know that Donna’s character had dies over a year ago. We don’t know how. We don’t know much of anything. Like, how all of a sudden James’s character Kevin and Remini’s character Vanessa Cellucci became so close. When/how did that happen. Overall, the entire thing felt rushed, even though the writers and producers had months to develop a new storyline. It honestly felt more as if the actress died suddenly and surprisingly, and the writers just didn’t know how to write it into the show.

I like James. I like Remini. I liked King of Queens. I liked James and Remini in separate projects as well. I liked the first season of Kevin Can Wait. With that being said, I will continue to give the show a chance. But, it will certainly have to improve upon what I feel was a very weak second season premiere.

Either way, whether you like the show or hate the show, whether you are sad that Hayes is gone or alright with the decision, I would think that almost everyone would agree that the entire situation was handled poorly from the start. The show did an injustice to the character of Donna while completely disrespecting the job that Hayes did on the show in its rookie season.

It is because of that that Kevin Can Wait has a long ways to go to win back some of its fans and, in this case, Kevin may not be able to wait much longer without offering some explanations or better storylines.


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