NBA Rumors: Will Cavs, Spurs, Heat, Thunder, Rockets or Celtics Sign Dwyane Wade?

The 2017-2018 NBA season is right around the corner. Dwyane Wade is a man without a team after reaching a buyout agreement with the Chicago Bulls, making him a free agent. The Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics have all had incredibly interesting offseasons. Well, not so much the Heat, but I needed to include them in this article. With Wade not being the player he once was, he could still add to a team in contention for an NBA Championship. After all, every team is chasing the Golden State Warriors.

Good luck to them all.

Either way, even if we can already go ahead and crown the Warriors as champs again this season, who comes in second? Who loses to them in the NBA Finals? Who bows out to them in the Western Conference Finals? While we won’t find out those answers until next May or June, we may get a bit more information if any of the aforementioned teams can sign Wade.

So, where will he land? Let’s take a look at the possibilities…

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: This time, it could be Wade who joins LeBron James in pursuit of a ring. We know that the Cavs are still a favorite in the Eastern Conference, especially if newly acquired Isaiah Thomas can bounce back quickly from his hip injury. Wade and James are still great friends, making this the most likely destination for the former Heat and Bulls guard.
  2. San Antonio Spurs: Still upset after missing out on Chris Paul, the Spurs could make a run at Wade. It still likely wouldn’t be enough to make them a legitimate title contender, especially in the West, but it would help add a little scoring punch to the roster.
  3. Miami Heat: Hey, in basketball terms, Wade is still Mr. 305. I could see a return to South Beach, although it would likely be more for nostalgic purposes, as the Heat are not expected to contend for a championship for at least the next couple of seasons. Unless everyone has a bit of a reunion in Miami after next season…
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook. Paul George. Carmelo Anthony. Why not add Wade to an already impressive roster makeover?
  5. Houston Rockets: James Harden. Chris Paul. Why not add… Oh, sorry. I already did that one. Next.
  6. Boston Celtics: Why not? Danny Ainge loves making big moves. What better roster add than to help Kyrie Irving get revenge on LeBron by adding one of his best friends to work against him? Now that would be entertaining.


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