Could 49ers Trade Carlos Hyde to Patriots, Vikings, Cardinals, Raiders, Seahawks, Redskins or Cowboys?

The San Francisco 49ers are in a rebuild mode, and it is one that is expected to last for at least a couple of more years. Sure, it will help if Kyle Shanahan can lure Kirk Cousins to the Bay Area after this season, but the team has a lot of holes yet to fill. With the emergence of some young, talented players, the 49ers appear poised to listen to offers on virtually every player, after already cutting long-time veteran, Navarro Bowman. With some around San Francisco’s inner circle saying that rookie running back is “basically the same player” as oft-inured and soon-to-be free agent back Carlos Hyde, it makes sense that the Niners would look to move Hyde. But, since Hyde would more-or-less be a short-term rental, especially given his injury history, what type of team would look to acquire him? Well, that may not be a short list.

You have to mention the New England Patriots. Did you miss the name of this website? All jokes aside, the Patriots are always looking for a steal via the trade market or through free agency. I know they already have a plethora of running backs on the roster, but adding Hyde on the cheap could hardly be viewed as a throwaway move.

The Minnesota Vikings were dominating teams on the ground, until rookie Dalvin Cook suffered a season-ending injury. Latavius Murray is not the answer and Jerrick McKinnon is more of a complimentary back. Hyde would serve as a better change-of-pace back.

How long is All-Day going to be excited running behind that offensive line in Arizona?

I know that the Arizona Cardinals just acquired Adrian Peterson to keep David Johnson’s place warm, but they will soon find that Peterson will not be able to move the chains all that much better than Chris Johnson. Hyde would certainly be an upgrade, although even Johnson only put up about 4.2 yards per carry last year behind the Cards’ woeful offensive line.

Marshawn Lynch wanted nothing more than to play for his hometown Oakland Raiders, but he looks every bit the part of a 31-year-old back who missed all of last season and didn’t do all that great during his final season out west. I know that the Raiders have Jalen Richard and Deandrew Washington in the backfield already, but Hyde would be a decent acquisition.

What about Lynch’s former team, the Seattle Seahawks? The team’s best back, Chris Carson is out for an extended period of time, and Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls just aren’t going to get the job done. Even behind a brutal ineffective offensive line, why not pick up Hyde?

I also felt the need to throw in a pair of NFC East teams to close out this article, as the Washington Redskins are still waiting for Rob Kelley (different Rob Kelley, trust me) to either get healthy or show something. Chris Thompson is a pass-catching back, and Samaji Perine doesn’t look ready. The Dallas Cowboys once again appear poised to be without Ezekiel Elliott for a six-game stretch at some point, and nobody knows what they are going to get out of Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden. I think Hyde would make sense.


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