Bizarre Gambling Superstitions around the World

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes known to men, so it is no wonder that it has become the massive industry it is today. Technological advances have further enabled it to grow and develop over the years, and nowadays players are able to access their favourite games through reliable online casino operators. On top of that, and similar news and reviews portals are now available for the public, informing casino enthusiasts regarding relevant news, previous player experiences and the benefits they are eligible to receive.

Despite all the novelties introduced, there is still a sense of the ancient gamblers spirit among these players. One major influence that has managed to survive the passing of time is that of superstitions regarding gambling practices. Namely, various parts of the world have developed certain beliefs and customs that seem to bring fortune to punters and casino players in general. Maybe one of the following superstitions turns out to be your true lucky charm.

Gambling Superstitions in China

For the Chinese gamblers, luck used to have a numerical relation which has survived up until today. They feel especially confident regarding those numbers whose pronunciation reminds them of a term denoting luck and happiness, as is the case with the number 8 – it is pronounced “ba”, while the word for fortune is pronounced “fa”. As the digit itself also looks much alike the symbol of infinity, they had reason to believe it will bring them infinite fortitude in gambling endeavors.

Apart from numbers, the Chinese culture is also particularly fond of the color red. It is used in all major holidays as a sign of joy, which has made Chinese casino players to wear any red-colored item while gambling. It has even turned into a major commercial opportunity, as red underwear is often sold using marketing strategies that support such ancient claims.

Gambling Superstitions in India

Ancient beliefs in India are less related to numbers and more to human nature, and mainly originate from their customs back in the olden days. This culture supports the belief that having your hair cut on a Tuesday is bad luck, despite the fact that this is actually a remnant of their previous habits when most of the population engaged in agriculture. They used Monday to rest and take care of their personal hygiene, making Tuesday a less desirable option.

People in India will also tell you that it is bad to cut your fingernails or shave after dark, even though this custom made more sense in the past, before electricity was invented and wiring were installed.

Gambling Superstitions in America

Due to a mixture of different cultures, Americans have faced and adopted quite a few gambling superstitions, but none prevailed as powerfully as the one introduced by the African-American population. The ancient religions and beliefs of African natives made them believe that an itch on your palm means good luck and incoming of great fortune. While it may not be completely supported and could be a result of the adrenaline rush before the cards are dealt, it is worth giving it a try since it is still considered a rare occurrence.

Gambling Superstitions in Japan

Animals seem to be particularly important for the Japanese culture and nation, as most of their superstitions are related to a representative of the animal kingdom. What is even more surprising is that one of these living creatures thought to influence your turn of gambling luck is the spider. According to the belief, if you see a spider in the morning, it is a symbol of good fortune and should not be killed – on the contrary, if you spot a spider at night, you should definitely get rid of it in order to prevent bad things from coming your way. The best practice, on all accounts, would probably involve cleaning your desk thoroughly before sitting down on your preferred online casino site, so as to avoid any spider encounters in general.

The maneki-neko is a well-known symbol of Japan, even though few are aware of it under this name. It is actually the plastic waving car figure you have probably seen on store counters, car dashboards and computer desks. This small piece of decoration is thought to bring good fortune to its whereabouts, regardless if it’s a store or a regular online slots player’s desk.

Gambling Superstitions in South Africa

South Africans have one major custom considered fortunate during gambling practices, but it is far more radical than all previous combined. Remnants of their ancient voodoo magic rituals have made gamblers up until today believe that smoking vulture brains before gambling is going to bring them luck, and thus wealth. As irrational as it might appear, this custom is kept alive and frequently practiced right before turning the roulette wheel or selecting ‘raise’ on the touchscreen.

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