WATCH: Titans QB Marcus Mariota Makes NFL Playoffs History with Self Pass for TD

Marcus Mariota must have gotten sick and tired of watching his Tennessee Titans wide receivers drop his passes, so he decided to get creative. Well, not really, but sometimes the ball bounces the right way for you. Mariota went to throw a pass that wound up getting deflected and bouncing right back to him. He caught the self pass and brought it into the end zone for a touchdown in the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Titans would go on to complete the comeback and defeat the Chiefs, 22-21, while Mariota would make NFL Playoffs history by catching a self pass for a touchdown. Check it out in the video below:

Of course, while this was the first time it ever happened in the postseason, former Super Bowl champion QB Brad Johnson was the first to accomplish this feat. He did so while he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Here is his version of the self pass for a TD:


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