NFL Rumors: Could Packers, Saints, Texans, 49ers, Dolphins, Rams or Patriots Sign Jimmy Graham in NFL Free Agent Frenzy?

CBS Sports posted an article on five landing spots for NFL free agent tight end, Jimmy Graham. I completely agree with many of their potential destinations for the perennial Pro-Bowler, but also decided to add a couple of more possible landing spots. The one that I find most intriguing, however, is the New England Patriots. For years, many fans asked, Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham? Gronk spike vs. Graham slam? Well, instead of comparing them on different teams, the Patriots may opt to join the two superpowers in an attempt to win one more Super Bowl in New England in the next year or two, before things may soon look very different in Foxboro.

Of course, the Pats may be interested in signing Graham, and explore the idea of trading Gronkowski and get back something before he decides to retire. If Gronk is truly unhappy in New England and seriously considering retirement, then maybe it is at least worth the Patriots reaching out to see if he is better suited playing elsewhere.

Then again, maybe the possibility of pairing Gronk and Graham would be enough to keep the former happy, at least for one more season and one more run at another ring. The thought of these two on the same team a few years ago would have been nearly inconceivable. Now, I would say that it is a distinct possibility. They would become the new Megapowers of the NFL.

Of course, the Patriots will not be the only team with possible interest in Graham. The Green Bay Packers have been looking for an upgrade at the tight end position for a couple of years now, ever since losing Jared Cook. Martellus Bennett certainly did not prove to be the answer. Graham would be a great fit with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but it would likely have to be at a discounted price, much like it could be the case in New England.

Or, what about a reunion with the New Orleans Saints? I have no doubts that Drew Brees would love to have Graaham back for another redzone target, and with a dominant ground game featuring Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram, Graham could actually catch more touchdowns in 2018 than he did in his prime with the Saints years back.

If Graham wants to win now, then what about remaining in the NFC West? I think that the Los Angeles Rams would be a great spot for Graham, who would help open up the running game for Todd Gurley even more. I also feel that a tight end such as Graham would further help the development of Jared Goff.

The San Francisco 49ers are another intriguing possibility, as Jimmy Garoppolo has all of a sudden made the Niners a hot destination for free agents. Just ask Graham’s former teammate with the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman, who has over $39 million reasons to tell you why he now loves San Fran.

As for two other wild card teams, the Houston Texans could be another team where offensive players now want to join, thanks to Deshaun Watson. Or, if Graham is homesick after his great time with The Miami Hurricanes in college, perhaps he could join the Miami Dolphins?

Nah. We know that is not happening. Never mind.

Could these two soon become teammates?

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