Adventurers League – Game 0 – Recap

Game 0! Wait… What the heck is “Game 0”? What does that even mean?

Simply put, it’s the game before the game. It’s the “What are we doing next?”, “Whats happening”, “Who’s who”, “How are we going to… (fill in the blank)”.

This was pretty exciting to plan out our new characters together for a bit and plan how we can play off of each other and be a lean, mean, DnD machine.

Character creation is where I always struggle, I constantly rethink, or overthink my decisions instead of focusing on the fun. Once I start playing I’m usually “ok” with my choices, and have a blast playing, but shifting spells around for a spell caster is a constant balancing act trying to plan for the future.

Character creation, for those of you that are new to all of this (bravo new comers!), is wicked easy, unless you’re me!

They even have a builder on-line for you. HERE

  • Pick a Name
    • This is pretty simple, come up with a name, and go with it!
  • Pick a Race
    • There’s 10 choices in the basic rules, there’s additional sources (kind of like DLC, only well thought out and tested content) that have more.
    • Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc.
    • Each Race has it’s own pros/cons
  • Pick a Class
    • There’s 12 choices here, from Barbarian to Wizard
      • Classes give you certain abilities and skills as you “level up” and even have “sub-classes” to choose from
    • Some deal a lot of damage, some cast spells, some are really good at supporting everyone else, some are sneaky. It’s about what you want to do
  • Choose your Abilities
    • Based on your Race and Class – you allocate your skills, but you can just have the builder do it for you if you’re not sure and mess around later
  • Choose a Background
    • Much like other choices, it’s whatever you think is cool and sounds fun
  • Choose your Equipment
    • You get a pick list for starting equipment, this is your armor, your weapons, stuff like that

We had a lot of planning and strategy. We’re going to have a Human Paladin, a Halfing Rogue/Fighter, a Dragonborn Ranger/Fighter, a Bard of sorts, a Cleric of sorts, a Warlock and maybe a Bard/Barbarian jumping in and out of games. All that being said, we figured out how we would each fit ourselves in to play the way we want and also be able to maximize the team.

So, after a lot of back and forth, and a desire to do something new, I came up with a new character that I’m pretty excited to play as. Her name (yes, a “her” this time) is Inda. Inda Sai’siv (indecisive for those of you playing along at home). She’s a type of Elf called a Dark Elf or “Drow” come from an area called “The Underdark”. Generally speaking they hate anyone that isn’t a Drow, but some can learn to work with other races as well.

Inda’s class is Druid. Druids hold nature above all else and gain the ability to use magic through their bond with nature. There are different kinds of Druids as well. Inda will be a “Circle of Land: Underdark”, meaning she was initiated in the Underdark so her Druid spells are related to the dark. Just got to pick out some more spells here and there and I’ll be in good shape.

She gets to do some cool stuff as she levels up, like cast spells to walk on walls or sling some spider webs (spiderwoman?) and a whole bunch of other choices. Coolest part about Druids, well, one of the coolest, you can take on a beast form and turn yourself into a beast like a giant spider or a direwolf and cool stuff like that.

Her background is “Charlatan”, she knows how to use people to get what she wants, while leaving them feeling like they won too.

So, while the rest of the team works on their characters, I’m putting the polishing touches on my new Drow Druid – Inda! Check her out here.

Disclaimer: There are pretty much no pictures in the Dungeons and Dragons world of Female Drow wearing more than what you see below or otherwise looking sultry.

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