Day 6 – Sunday Run-Day

Running… yes… my old friend running. It’s been a while, and we didn’t get along very well last time.

Shan went for a run outside today with our neighbor and left me behind so that someone could watch the kids. We squeezed in the workout and then I hit the treadmill, still a little worried about hitting the streets after the stomach bug, and also the different aches and pain I was up against when I was last running.

Running, to me, is like that really good friend you miss hanging out with, but after 5-10 minutes you wonder how you’re friends, and then a little bit after you hang out you’re texting to hang out again. That. That’s running to me. I’m excited to do it, I enjoy it at first, then I start to dislike it more and more, but when it’s over I’m happy and ready to do it again, and better the next time.

The dreadmill is my least favorite place to run of course, in the basement, facing a blank wall, isn’t really ideal for anyone, and with the stupid new iPhone not having the headphone jack and me forgetting the adapter upstairs I didn’t have the tunes hooked up to the speakers so I could hear over the noise.

That being said, I was mostly worried that one of my three (millions if you ask Shan) of issues would plague me. I’ve had knee issues, shoulder issues, and most recently foot issues, that left me sidelined for quite a bit.

I’m not going to come out and say I can run a half-marathon, or even a 5k right now, but the mile actually felt pretty good. I was a bit more winded than I should be, but I’ve pretty much been a snacking, beer guzzling, couch ornament for the past few months, so what more can I expect?!

So, my big point for this whole post really, was to talk about motivation. What gets you going, keeps you going, or pushes you to go the distance. To be a total nerd about it, I mentally figure out how much longer to the next fraction of my run. Yup, true story, I do fractions while running. It keeps the brain occupied so I don’t really think about running as much. I’d rather be running outside, with someone else, but when it is just me and my thoughts, that’s what does it more than anything else, keeping my mind busy thinking about something else.

“0.10 – 1/10 | 0.20 – 1/5 | 0.25 – 1/4 | 0.33 – 1/3 | 0.4 – 2/5 | 0.5 – 1/2.. etc…”

Running or working out with others, giving me a hard time will push me, competition, it works. I like giving people a hard time and having some healthy competition. When I’m ready to give up, pushing me a little bit will help.

One thing that doesn’t work for me is giving me a hard time when you’re not in it with me, or giving me crap about it after the fact. I’m sensitive about it I guess, but that’s just who I am. I’m working on it, but it just puts me off and makes me not want to bother with the whole working out thing.

What slams your brakes on?

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