Day 9 – Ow… owww…. owwww….

Well, to say I’m sore today is an understatement, all I want to do is stretch my legs but I can’t seem to stretch them enough! So, what’s a good fix for being sore from working out? Working out?! Make sure to stretch well before you start but that whole “Hair of the dog” works for me.

So, yesterday I got around to posting way to late so I never got to post my updated stats. I’m not sure how much I agree with the results they show but it looks like I’ve lost almost 1 pound and an inch and a half off my “waist” which is around the belly button and not much of anything on my hips. I’ll keep going with the measurements and see if they’re legit or not. The remaining data come from the smart scale we have, hop on barefoot and it figure it out through magic and puts it online for you.

Onward to day 10 tomorrow! Who’s heading to double digits with me?

DateWeight (lbs)Chest (in)Waist (in)Hips (in)Lean Mass (%)Fat Mass (%)Water MassBone MassMuscle MassEstimated Body Mass Index (BMI)
January 1, 2019208.8 43.0 44.0 40.0 75.4%24.6%51.5%3.7%71.6%27.6
January 8, 2019207.9 42.0 42.5 40.0 74.7%25.3%51.1%3.7%71.0%27.4
Total Change0.901.001.500.000.01-

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