January 4 – Day 4!

Although I was initially trying to make excuses to not do my workout (Fridays are busy, I didn’t have a chance before dinner and I was full, I was working out alone, I’m an excuse machine) I buckled down and got it done.

Also, holy temptation Batman. Our office has been overloaded with sweets, treats, and every manner of temptation lately that other people are trying to ditch. Stroopwafel, cookies, brownies, candy bars, chips, candy canes, a loaf of garlic bread at lunch time, chocolate covered peppermint bites, my goodness it gets tough to say NO to everything. On top of that you’ve got at least several people a day asking to go out for lunch.

I’m not sure what is more difficult, getting the motivation to exercise or having the willpower to say no to all of the temptations life throws at you on a regular basis. There’s also the kids constantly walking around with snacks and offering them, or for some reason, you find yourself picking at their leftovers instead of just ditching them.

Today has been a victory, and despite wanting to grab a beer (or two) and celebrate, or pour a glass of scotch, I’m sticking to water. Today will be a day where I didn’t give in to any temptations and I didn’t quit the workout either, even with no coaching support, even the dog wouldn’t look at me!

I call today a victory, a good day indeed!

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Dan Jones

Dan Jones has been "Nerd-ing" since he took apart the family computer at age 8. He has also been an avid sports fan his entire life. He also enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and two girls in their home on the South Shore and playing with their kids and yellow lab Cooper. Although he doesn't have much time to write he certainly has no problem vocally expressing his sports opinions, just ask. (You may regret it as he has a tendency to go on tirades.) Whenever he does post you should read it, you won't regret that you did.