Well… That Escalated Quickly…

…and by “that” I mean my weight… and my waist band.

I was out of shape, then worked hard to get back in shape and run half-marathons, for a bit anyway.

What began as a series of injuries leaving me sidelined was combined with an increase in “little treats” for myself here and there and ended up with several additional inches on my waist and many more pounds to carry on to the platform of shame (a.k.a. scale).

We (Shan and I) are doing a January Fitness Challenge run by Christine Sovik of SoFit in Duxbury (Facebook Link). We’ve also just joined “The Y” in Hanover, so, with those 2, plus this here blog and you, my adoring fans, I have accountability. That makes a great jump start to a healthier me in 2019!

I’ll be competing in the “Weight Loss Challenge” and also the “Daily Exercise Challenge” but skipping the “Daily Run Challenge” portion this go ’round.

I’ll be posting daily updates after our workouts, I encourage you all to keep me accountable!

I was going to do “before” and “after” pictures of this fitness journey, but I’ll wait til the end to share them.

I will, begrudgingly, share my starting measurements, and update them weekly along the way.

*All weight and percentage data is from our Smart Scale*

Date Weight (lbs) Chest (in) Waist (in) Hips (in) Lean Mass (%) Fat Mass (%) Water Mass Bone Mass Muscle Mass Estimated Body Mass Index (BMI)
January 1, 2019 208.8 43.0 44.0 40.0 75.4% 24.6% 51.5% 3.7% 71.6% 27.6

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