How Cohasset Welcomed the Witches of Eastwick!

Cohasset, MA, decorated for the filming of “The Witches of Eastwick” in 1986.

In July of 1986, Cohasset, MA, welcomed Hollywood production crews to begin filming “The Witches of Eastwick”, starring Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jack Nicholson, Veronica Cartwright, Richard Jenkins and Carel Struycken. Los Angeles & New York film critics awarded Nicholson with two Best Actor awards for his comedic performance as Daryl Van Horne, a horny devil conjured up by three unsuspecting modern-day witches (Cher, Sarandon and Pfeiffer.) In 1987, the film was a box office hit and received favorable reviews from critics.

This year, local filmmaker, David Fresina, releases his excellent documentary about the filming and the hubbub it created here in New England. David actually spent time in Cohasset, shooting film behind the scenes, capturing all of the main actors on set. His film, “When the Witches Came to Town” will appeal to any film lover, as well as fans of the movie.

Documentary director, David Fresina, leads a walking tour of the movie locations in Cohasset.

The Witches Documentary is beautifully shot, very well constructed, entertains while being informative and worthy of the film festivals it has already attracted. A Remi Winner at the 51st Annual World-Fest Houston International Film Festival (2018), David takes us behind the camera, to witness how Hollywood ended up filming a hit movie in our “backyard”. Originally, the production was welcomed by Little Compton, Rhode Island. I’ll let David’s film explain how that deal fell through, because it is a very eye-opening experience and proves how fear spreads through a community faster than witches on broomsticks. With candid interviews by the key people who worked with Hollywood, we hear the memories in their words, and they share many pieces of existing keepsakes. David even lands delightful interviews with several of the supporting actors, who speak very happily about the experiences they had, shooting in Cohasset. He peppers the documentary with more behind the scenes shots of the lead actors than I expected. As a lover of movies, it was very cool to see how they filmed Jack’s “feather scene” in the center of Cohasset.

Jack Nicholson on set as devilish Daryl Van Horne in Cohasset.

David’s Witches Documentary is a labor of love, is a pleasure to watch and is highly recommended to anyone with an interest in filmmaking. I am honored that David gave me the chance to design the poster for this film. View the trailer here:

The limited edition DVD is available here, and I hope you enjoy as much as I have. In my opinion it is worth (5 out of 5 stars). Two thumbs waaaaaaaayyyyy up! Bravo, David.

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