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Are Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Engaged? Are A-Rod and J-Lo Getting Married?

The world has known for months now that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been dating. We have heard that they are extremely close, followed by rumors that they could…

Kevin Can Wait: Leah Remini In, Erinn Hayes Out As CBS Sitcom Changes Direction

If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. That is not a mantra that CBS is going to live by, at least when it comes to Season 2 of Kevin…

Survivor Game Changers: In Best Season Ever, Jury Chooses Wrong Winner

The Survivor Game Changers season has come to an end, one in which the jury awarded the $1 million prize to the wrong person. It should come as no surprise….

Lindsey Vonn Breaks Up With Tiger Woods After He Cheats On Her

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Isn’t that the saying? It appears to be the truth as it relates to professional golfer, Tiger Woods. It was first reported that it…

Brock Lesnar Shocks All With UFC Retirement, Signs New Contract With WWE Past Wrestlemania 31

Brock Lesnar went on Sportscenter on Tuesday night to talk about his future with ├╝ber wrestling fan Michelle Beadle. What came out of his mouth was not what anybody expected….