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100 Innings of Baseball

The 8th Annual 100 innings of Baseball game for ALS will be held once again at Adams Field in Quincy, MA over Columbus Day weekend starting at 9:00am on Saturday,…

Bruins Take Home the Cup

BOSTON, MA – You’re seeing it correctly ladies and gentleman.  That there is the new Zamboni honoring the Bruins exceptional win of the Stanley Cup over the Vancouver Canucks.  You…

Side Project – Weather Forecast

I’ve just finished putting together a polished version of one of my (many) side projects. will provide you with an up to date weather forecast for your Zipcode….

A New Logo and a Fresh Start

Boston Super Blog has worked with Hunchback Graphics to come up with our new logo.  You’ll be seeing this across the site now.  We hope that you like our new…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday!