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The Best and the Worst of New Signings This Year

Why is it that every time a free agent signing comes along that has an impact on the game, there always seems to be twice as many that appear to have…

AFC East Predictions

The New England Patriots are predicted to win more than 12 games during the regular season, but that could change after loosing Julian Edelman for the rest of the season….

Inadequate NFL Back-up QB Play Clearly Proves NFL Is Blackballing Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is not an NFL Pro-Bowl quarterback. While his trajectory may have once appeared to have him destined for greatness, the rails have come off of the tracks for…

Done Deal: Seahawks Trade Marshawn Lynch To Raiders

Marshawn Lynch is bringing Beastmode to the Bay Area. At least for a year. After deciding to unretire, Lynch has agreed to a deal to a deal with the Oakland…

Michigan Quarterbacks Will Be The Most Scrutinized in 2016

When it comes to football, quarterbacks get most of the attention because they are the players responsible for getting the ball to the right people and helping their teams score….