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WWE Rumors: Jim Ross Guarantees Conor McGregor Will Wrestle In WWE

Conor McGregor vs. John Cena? Conor McGregor vs. Roman Reigns? Conor McGregor vs. Brock Lesnar? Could any of these matches headline a future Wrestlemania? Former WWE Hall of Fame announcer…

Shawn Michaels Announces Comeback With New Tag Team Partner, The Can-Am Spyder

Shawn Michaels appears to have had it with retirement. Although he said that he loves to read, Michaels has announced his official comeback, also revealing his new tag team partner….

Wrestlemania 29: Triple H Suffers Second Degree Burns From Dry Ice During Intro

For those hard-core wrestling fans out there, you may not wish to read this article if you have not yet found out any of the results from Wrestlemania 29. You…